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Soda-Lime Soda-Lime Glass from Japan made by ASAHI, CENTRAL.
Soda-Lime(Taiwan)Soda-Lime Glass Flat glass produced by Taiwan Glass Industry Co., Ltd.
BK7B270, D263T, BK7, K9
Low-iron GlassIt has better penetration than the soda-lime glass, but the cost is much lower than the B270.
SCHOTTD263T, B270, Borofloat, etc. produced by SCHOTT AG Group, Germany.
CORNING0211, EAGLE 2000, EAGLE XG, GORILLA, etc. produced by Corning, USA.
BorosilicateLow expansion coefficient, can withstand temperatures of 450~500 degrees Celsius.
QuartzUV high penetration, can withstand high temperatures of 500~1200 degrees Celsius.
SapphireIt close to Mohs's hardness of 9 and has good penetration in UV, visible and infrared light.
No-AlkaliAluminum-free glass, good transmittance in UV, visible and infrared light.
Thin glass Glass with a thickness of 1mm or less: 0.2, 0.3, 0.55, 0.7mm, etc.
Thick glass Glass with a thickness of 5mm or more: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13mm.
Pattern glassPattern glass with various textures on the surface.
Tempered glassTempered glass that can withstand temperature difference/shock/pressure.
Chemical Terered GlassSmall and pressure resistant chemical Tempered glass.
Coated MonitorSynchronous monitoring and comparison monitoring film for coating
Glass processGlass process, coating, cutting, polishing, sandblasting, drilling, chamfering, edging, printing, strengthening, etc.

Applications: Lighting/Stage LED/Lamps, Infrared Devices, Automatic Optical Inspection Equipment, Optical Instruments, Magnifiers, Infrared Devices, Laser Equipment, Barcode Scanners, etc.