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Dichroic filters Multi-layers coating on glass to change the color.
Dichroic Mirrors Multi-layers coating on glass to change the reflective color of glass.
Dichroic gobos Plates that can be projected with high temperature resistance
Glass gobosGlass with a three-dimensional pattern on the surface
Textured/Solar glass can evenly beam, soften light
Aluminum MirrorsAluminized Mirrors
Heat reflection filtersReflect infrared light to reduce the light temperature of the bulb
UV-cut filtersFilter UV rays
Color temperature conversion filtersFilter that increases or decreases the color temperature
RGB/CMY mix filtersFilter using RGB or CYM color mixing principle
Fiber lighting color wheelA variety of color chips for fiber optic lights
Diffuser/Frost can enlarge the angle of the beam and soften the light

Applications: Stage lighitng, lighting.